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'Avatar' Director Has 'Great Ideas' For Sequel, Sam Worthington Says

Actor behind Jake Sully tells MTV News he talks to James Cameron 'all the time,' and expects more details in 2011.
By Kara Warner

Sam Worthington
Photo: MTV News

At this time last year, most movie talk revolved around "Avatar" and its record-shattering box-office numbers on its way to being anointed the most successful film of all time. This year, however, all the discussion has revolved around the inevitable "Avatar" sequels

Fox has announced there will be two and that director James Cameron will shoot at least one of them partially underwater. When MTV News caught up with star Sam Worthington on the set of his new thriller "Man on a Ledge," the in-demand actor (seriously, check out his IMDb lineup for proof) said he's been in close contact with Cameron about follow-ups but that specifics will start to take shape next year.

"I talk to [Cameron] all the time," Worthington said. "I talked to him last week. I think at the moment he's still doing the ['Avatar'] bible, the book, and I think the book will then inspire where he wants to take it," the "Clash of the Titans" star explained. "He's got great ideas; what he told me about, where he wants to set it, things he wants to explore. We'll probably talk next year, and then he can fill us in on where, personally, he wants to take it, where emotionally he wants to take it."

Regarding the sequel's underwater setting, Worthington said only some of the action will take place in the water.

"[Cameron] is going to explore that [underwater] world," he said. "It won't fully take place underwater but he's definitely going to explore — same as the mountains, he can explore more, outer space [as well] — it's up to him," Worthington added. "He created the world."

And finally, we asked Worthington about the future of Jake Sully, specifically whether audiences will ever see his human form onscreen again. Worthington said he had "no idea."

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